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Mantels collection

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Salvage Works Rustic Reclaimed mantels offer texture and original saw marks creating a rich historical patina. This modern interpretation of Pacific Northwest heritage and design translates into both new and revived spaces.

Our beam stock has been reclaimed from deconstructed barns, warehouses and houses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Each beam features character acquired during its original milling and structural use. The texture and checking that is displayed indicates the authenticity of the material and guarantees that every piece is truly one of a kind.

Made by hand in the Salvage Works Wood Shop located in Portland, Oregon.


Standard Dimensions: Approximately 6" x 8", 8" x 10". Lengths: 5' - 6' - 7'. 

Prices: 5' - $595, 6' - $695, 7' - $795

Custom sizes available

Finish options: oil or conversion varnish

Species: Douglas Fir or Pine (depending on availability)

All material is heat treated through kiln drying 

To order, please call: 503-899-0052 or email