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Reclaimed Wood

The mission of Salvage Works is to bring the beauty of reclaimed wood from the Pacific Northwest into homes and businesses. Our region's native Doug Fir and Pine are the bones of century old barns and homes, and when deconstructed there is an opportunity to preserve and reuse this historic material. Popular uses for our reclaimed wood include accent walls, tables, shelves and mantels.

Our rough cut lumber showcases the heritage grain, saw marks, oxidized nail holes, and patina from years of weathering that is unique to the reclaimed wood of our area. Everything from dimensional 2x4 boards to hand hewn barn beams can be found in our warehouse, which is open 7 days a week to the public. We know the story of each stick, and are here to share that history with our customers.

Live Edge Slab

Live Edge Slab is an elegant and unique material that we source from urban cut and dead standing trees in Oregon and Washington. Once sawn into slabs, each one is kiln dried and sanded. Our material is ready to be taken home straight from the warehouse, or turned into an heirloom custom creation by our shop of master woodworkers. We stock slab in a wide variety of dimensions to choose from.

Popular uses for Live Edge Slab include showcase pieces such as dramatic bookmatched dining tables, creative bar tops, and distinct open shelving. Our stock is always changing, and we provide a variety of species to choose from such as Doug Fir, Beetle Kill Blue Pine, Black Walnut, Big Leaf Maple, Alder, English Walnut, Cedar, Redwood, Chestnut, Cherry, Oak and much more.

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