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The Reclaiming Process

Embody the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

We bring the beauty of reclaimed wood from the Pacific Northwest into homes and businesses. Our philosophy is that it all starts with the right material and the right people. When you put one-of-a-kind heritage wood into the hands of highly skilled artists and craftspeople, the result is heirloom quality.

We are deeply invested in the conservation that comes along with reclaiming wood, and approach our business as both woodworkers and environmental stewards.

Salvaging is a


We identify barns, warehouses, houses, and other structures across the Pacific Northwest that are at risk of being torn down or destroyed.


Once we have found a strong candidate for salvaging, we move forward with deconstruction and salvage all viable material.


After material is on the ground, we transport it back to our Portland shop for hand-sorting, de-nailing, and prepare it to be kiln-dried.


A special selection of our material is then taken to a local mill to be turned into shiplap and our custom WOW Wall Cladding.

Kiln-dried for
stability and safety.

All of our incoming material is kiln-dried to increase stability and eliminate bug presence before putting it out on the warehouse floor.

The natural beauty and heritage
of the Pacific Northwest finds
its way into all of our work.

Our team spends long days on the road, working to source wood that would otherwise be lost, and in the process we are surrounded by the very elements that make this region and its wood so unique. The texture, patina and character of each piece of wood tells the story of its origins - and we are inspired to bring that history to our clients. Once in the shop, our customer's shared enthusiasm for the reclaimed material that we provide drives us to continue refining and expanding our work.

The utilization of traditional hand deconstruction techniques allows us an in-depth knowledge of the wood that we bring into Salvage Works, and as a result, the ability to pair the perfect material with each project. Every piece of reclaimed wood is unique in its history and appearance, so it is our job as artists and craftsmen to let the wood speak for itself.