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June 23, 2017

WOW Wall Install Video from Salvage Works on Vimeo.


WOW Wall Cladding is Salvage Works’ signature product. Easy to install and with a variety of patinas and textures, WOW wall can change the feel of a room in an instant. We call it WOW Wall because it's a WithOut Work Wall. Or better yet, it turns a blah wall into a wow wall! Accent walls are very popular for their beauty and durability. Our wall cladding is made from reclaimed heritage wood, salvaged from deconstructed barns and houses throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a quick primer on the Salvage Works WOW wall cladding.

Deconstructed by hand:
Barns are taken apart, piece by piece, to save the integrity, texture and patina of the wood.

De-nailed by hand:
Each board has the surface nails taken out, then “wanded” with a metal detector (just like the ones at the airport) to remove any embedded nail or bullets. You’d be surprised what we find in these old structures!

Kiln dried:
Each board is “stickered” for airflow and unitized. It’s sent to the kiln where it is dried and all living bugs are eliminated. This process is also called heat treating.

Side selected:
We hand select each piece of wood so the best patina is showing.

Run through the mill:
We send our WOW wall to our local mill where it is cut to a consistent ½” thickness and then either 2-¼”, 3-¼” or 5” wide. Ends are trimmed and it’s bundled by length.

The fun part! We try to name our WOW wall blends to evoke both what the wood was used for as well as some notion of color or use.

Selling it to you:
In the warehouse, over the phone or on line. We’ll walk you through your choices and get you the best looking wood possible.

Send us photos of YOUR finished Wow Wall Cladding project! We love to see the wood in your home or business.