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September 06, 2017

By: Pete Hurd


Most Tuesdays the employees at Salvage Works help each other grapple with some of life’s heavy questions like:

“Should we dice onions or glaze some?”

“Provolone or Havarti?”

“Could we use a grilled cheese sandwich as a bun?”

“Would we need one or two slices of bacon to wrap that in?”

“Can you boil a hot dog in Rainer?”
(yes, it’s better if you use a tall boy.)

This is how Salvage Works plans each week for Weenie Wednesday.

This last winter as temperatures plummeted the employees found themselves bouncing from the yard burn barrell to the courtyard fire pit trying to stave off what would most certainly have been frostbite and gangrene. At some point the crew was told they looked like a group of old-fashioned traveling workers or hobos as they sat next to the fire, wet from the snow, warming their hands and souls. Like a fingerless glove this description fit and was embraced.

What could be more fitting than roasting some hotdogs and beans right there in the courtyard?

That week on Wednesday armed with Olympia Provisions links and a can of beans, Weenie Wednesday was born.

What started just as simple mid-week treat quickly evolved into something much more than just frank and beans over a fire. Weenie Wednesday is currently an ever improving tour of culinary delights.

Wednesdays now alternate now between a domestic dog, like a Coney island dog, Chicago dog, or a beer boiled dog, and an international dog, like a Colombian dog, sushi dog, or a french dip dog (that’s from France, right? Like the fries?). All employees and friends are encouraged to participate.

As one of the founders put it, “the only limits for Weenie Wednesday’s are those of our own imaginations”. Feel free to stop in to see it in action.