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Kiln Drying


July 02, 2018

Kiln drying, also known as heat treating, is a process that heats wood in a kiln in order to lower the moisture content and to kill any living insects or larvae.  It also kills mold spores. Salvage Works heat treats every stick of material before it comes into the warehouse to ensure the material is stable for construction and is safe to use in your project. With a lowered moisture content, you don’t have to worry about your WOW Wall or other material shrinking.

Reclaimed wood has a lovely history, but sometimes that history can include powderpost beetles and mountain pine beetles. That beetle presence can give the wood texture, color and marks that make it unique and desirable.  However, no one wants beetles in their home or business. At Salvage Works, we ensure all our material is heat treated for stability and elimination of insects.

Our neighborhood in North Portland is home to a lumber company that is over 100 years old. They keep their kilns running 24 hours a day. We’re lucky enough to partner with them to kiln dry our material.  This extra step necessarily adds time to our process, but it’s worth the wait!

Taking that piece of live edge slab out of state?  No problem. Shipping that wood to another country? No problem.  Putting up a cool accent wall in your bedroom? No problem. We got you covered.