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It's the word on every designer's mind...SHIPLAP!


December 20, 2017

We get a lot of requests for shiplap and often we have it, reclaimed from heritage barns and PNW homes. It’s a specific lumber profile, where one edge literally laps over the other to create a tight seam, which increases its strength and stability.  It was primarily used as sheathing material, subsiding or subflooring. Think of it as “pre-plywood”. It was often milled from lower grade logs, which actually gives it great character, often with larger knots or knot holes. These days, it’s a hot commodity for accent walls. Reclaimed heritage shiplap has a lovely patina from years of air exposure called oxidation. It comes to us either planer smooth or rough cut, either circular or bandsaw cut.

Sometimes customers want to paint it white, however, to create a beach cottage look. We’ve answered the call by creating a classic doug fir shiplap from reclaimed beams that’s smooth and easy to paint. If texture under the paint is what’s desired, we’ve created this shiplap to be double sided: one side smooth, one side wire brushed to bring out the texture of the wood grain.

Blue pine also creates a cool, light look, with lots of wavy organic blue lines. We’ve milled a shiplap from salvaged blue pine slab that marries so well with our other WOW wall cladding, particularly the Urban Landscape and the Silver Sage creating a cool color palette to play with. Solo or paired, the blue pine shiplap walls lightens up any space.

Check out our selection of shiplap in the warehouse today!

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