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House Wood is “Furniture Grade” Wood


February 02, 2018

Barn wood is so romantic: the gorgeous weathering, the history, the nostalgia. House wood?  Maybe not so much.  But for our master woodworkers at Salvage Works, house wood is pure gold. Interior framing wood from deconstructed Portland houses give them the best material  from which to create heirloom quality furniture.

At the turn of the century, when many of our old growth doug fir trees were cut, the lumber was graded at the mill and the best quality was used in building houses and commercial structures.  The wood is straight and true with rings so tight you can’t even count them.  


With fewer knots, this wood is what we call “furniture grade”.  When you come to the Salvage Works warehouse, you will always find a good selection of  furniture grade 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8 on the floor.  Our experienced sales staff can help you select the best material to make your very own heirloom quality tables, shelves and mantels.


Since the City of Portland passed the Deconstruction Ordinance in 2016, we’ve been getting more and more house wood, so more and more furniture grade material to build tables, benches, shelves and countertops. Salvage Works was an active supporter of the effort to bring the Deconstruction Ordinance about, and now, in addition to all the environmental benefits of deconstruction the City is now realizing, our customers are getting the best benefit of all - true old growth material for tables that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about the City’s deconstruction ordinance, please visit the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainable Development’s website.

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