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July 31, 2017


We have a big complex here in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland.  It’s easy to spend time on one side of the compound and never realize there’s a whole other part of the business just a little way down the block.  So, to make it easy to navigate, here’s a mini tour, in order of the internal process.

On the very West end of our place, we have our Wood Processing Yard.  This is where all the material comes in first to be sorted, de-nailed, stickered and sent to the kiln.  The folks out there are a hardworking crew selecting the best material for each product.

Moving East is our Reclaimed Wood Warehouse. The high vaulted ceilings enhance the big open space, making it easy to access our wood for sale.  Here is where you’ll meet our sales staff who are friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help you pick the right wood for your project.  

Next is our Salvage Courtyard where the treasures from inside the barn are for sale. The fruit crates, vintage tools and rusty bits found here make for a fun treasure hunt. Priced to move, these picks are not to be missed. When we host our parties, bands take the Salvage Works stage in the Courtyard.

Our Custom Furniture Woodshop comes next in line. This is where our skilled woodworkers turn reclaimed heritage wood into heirloom quality furniture. Our shop staff are concentrated on quality and safety, so feel free to wave, but please don’t wander into the shop.

Lastly our Showroom is where you can see samples of the final product. Furniture from our signature lines, as well as material samples from our WOW Wall Cladding, are here for you to browse.  Great for inspiration and idea generation, the Showroom is where you’ll find our estimators and administrators.  

And just to make sure you know, at the very East end of our complex is our parking lot where we have designated customer parking.  Pull in and explore the Salvage Works 25,000 square foot compound!

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