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Moving Trauma

23 March 2015 by 3

Whew, we're in our new space and things are starting to take shape.  More wood undercover, more space in the shop, bigger showroom and three whole bathrooms!  And yet.... No phones, no phones, no phones....  I guess we're all over 40 because it just never occurred to us not to engage the phone company or not to put in land lines.  Now we know better.  After hearing - "No, we can't do that.  No, it'll take 6-8 weeks and cost between $700 and $1000...." we found a simple, cheap technology that has nothing to do with land lines.  So we have a dial tone!  Our new number, thanks to Verizon, is 503-899-0052.  Thanks for your patience, folks. Call us! [caption id="attachment_646" align="alignleft" width="150"]New showroom New showroom[/caption]