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January 2012

17 January 2012 by 3

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to #1 Finish those house/studio/garden/furniture projects? Can’t find the time? SW can finish them for you!  You provide the concept  - bar napkin drawings accepted.  We’ll select the wood, plane join and finish (oil or polyurethane per your preference)
How about New Year’s Resolution #2 Eat healthy, eat local – really local – like eggs from your own backyard!Ne Order your chicken coop before the next round of production in February. Then there's New Year's Resolution #3 Stay in touch. Sign up for the Salvage Works monthly newsletter on our website to get regular updates on recently received inventory and specials. Join us monthly/year-round for Third Thursday in Kenton as we welcome a new featured artist with a public reception at Salvage Works. This month (Jan 19-Feb 14) we are showing artwork by Anthony Paul Fox - a friend, neighbor and working artist who creates enticing images on salvaged boards using stencils and spray paint. Next month (Feb 14-Mar 13) we feature "Surf Food" original ocean art by Andrew Rodman and a special performance of "Wet Dream" by Thringst that blends live music and aquatic drama into a Theater of the Submerged.