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New Art from Reclaimed Materials

12 December 2011 by 3

A Bird in the Hand

Art & Holiday Gift Show Third Thursday in Kenton Opening Reception December 15, 2011 5pm-9pm+ Join us for Evan Peterson's opening art reception and a group show of gifts for the holidays made from reclaimed wood and vintage odds & ends. About the artist: Evan Peterson hails from Newport Bay where he is actively involved with the Oregon Coast artistic community. He creates images on salvaged windows - kind of like tattooing on glass, everthing is in reverse... He starts with detail & outlines first using with acrylics, sharpies and paint pens. Then Evan adds layer upon layer of colors - blended with his fingers, cloths and cotton to work together the paint. The confetti backgrounds are made using dried paint flakes, adhered with epoxy and mediums. Painting on glass allows Evan to subtract painted areas with razor blades and cloths and "clean the canvas." p.s. They're gorgeous!