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October 2011 Update

18 October 2011 by 3

Materials recently acquired and/or currently in stock:

  • Old growth and rough cut lumber, including cvg fir
  • Rough cut and hand hewn beams - 4x4 to 12x12
  • Large batch of dry hardwood: red & white oak, maple, walnut, aromatics and tropicals.
  • Claw foot tubs
  • Plenty of good quality 1 x 4 fir flooring
  • Currogated tin roofing
  • Tons of vintage cabinet doors and drawers
  • Doors - 5 panel, 1 panel, partial and full lights
  • Vintage hardware, plumbing and fixtures
  • Unique collectables and furniture
  • Bricks

Third Thursday in Kenton

October 20, 2011   5-8pm

The October/Halloween Edition is happening this Thursday, October 20th in Downtown Kenton: Kids' Trick or Treating, Cider, Pies, Crafts & Costumes - It will be a Treat for Everyone!

Featuring: Art, a Puppet Show, and Shoe Shines to boot at Salvage Works We'll have a puppet show with live music by Paper Eclipse, the unveiling of a special showcase highlighting the "Ingenuity of Others," as well as art by Matt Potter and Virginia Marting. Installations run through November 15th.
Neighboring Kenton businesses will be open late from 5-8pm for trick or treating. There will be special events at many Kenton businesses on Thursday night (see events page for more info).