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August Inventory and Art

08 August 2011 by 3


Hope y'all are enjoying the most beautiful weather ever. Here's your monthly update on recently acquired inventory and upcoming events at Salvage Works and in the neighborhood.

Recently Acquired Inventory

  All sorts of barn parts, including:
  • gates, doors, hardware
  • sliding door track
  • hay drying racks
  • hand-hewn beams: 12x12 @32' +
  • 2x6   2x12   6x6   8x8   5/4x4   5/4x6   and 4x4's
750 sqft of fir floor - beautiful stuff! Oversized roughcut: 2x4   2x6   2x8 Port Orford cedar garden bed kits Vintage tools & oddities 2 Bikes on sale

Art at Salvage Works

Paintings by Benjamin Alexander Clark

Opening Reception August 18th (Third Thursday) 5pm-8pm "Painting is simply how I process life. These are new and old paintings of people and places all of which I found to be a convenient vehicle at the time to make sense of things and to find a bit of peace." – BAC Show runs through September 13th.