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June Inventory & Art

13 June 2011 by 3

Hello Friends of Salvage Works!

We've had a busy spring here and are looking forward to an even busier summer.   First things first!

New inventory this month

a bunch of great collectibles: 
  • barn and medical lighting
  • a set of 8 antique oak chairs
  • some cool homemade furniture
  • awesome commercial baking pans
and some materials:
  • 20 pieces gently used pine 1x12x12 
  • a batch of economy 2x4's
  • a perfect unpainted 5 panel door in jamb
  • matching craftsman style trim
  • a bunch of vintage hardware
  • a set of 6 divided light casement windows - each the size of a small door!
  • nice obscure glass
Now's the time to come by Salvage Works and see what kind of goodies are coming thru the door. We've been selling lumber faster than we can get it thru the door, so if you know of any structures coming down (or part way down) please send those materials to Salvage Works! We're anticipating lumber from 2 or 3 houses this month, but it's not here yet!            We've had some good projects in the shop this last month or so including:
  • 10 chicken coops!
  • 1600 board feet of barn wood for a wine cellar; prepped, milled and oiled!
  • more beeboxes
  • a couple of fir slabs for outdoor signage
  • lots and lots of milling for customers
We’ve also had some great recent events:
  • last (May) Third Thursday featured Janet Julian, who had a great turn out for her “Souvenir” show
  • the Kenton Street Fair was awesome and Salvage Works represented with a cavalcade of Paul Bunyans and Donnie the goat!
  • plus our coaster car took 2nd place - kudos to fearless builder and driver Matt Potter!

And more events are coming up (see the sidebar for details):

Join us this week for June’s Third Thursday opening featuring art by Brent Wear on 6/16
Stop by for special Sunday hours during the North Portland Sunday Parkways on 6/26