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Mid May Update

16 May 2011 by 3

Howdy again!

As promised, here's the second update this month to inform y'all on recently acquired inventory and the many May events at Salvage Works and in the neighborhood.

Recently Acquired Inventory

  • good quality cvg plywood panels
  • a sweet car trunk from the 30's
  • a nice batch of "obscure" glass
  • groovy mid-century electrical parts
  • a funky old clawfoot tub - priced as a planter
  • another batch of economy 2x4s
  • single pane doors in jambs (some without paint)
  • one-of-a-kind collectables
  • a nice mid-century armchair
  • a number of doors have been reduced to just $5 each

Shop Showcase

Preston & Benjamin have been busy in the shop this spring building custom chicken coops (see one of the coops flying outa' the yard above) and bee boxes in addition to a bunch of custom jobs. Here's a picture of customer-installed stair treads made by Salvage Works.
Again, there are lots of happenings this coming week. See the event page for more details and come see us soon!