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New Inventory & Third Thursday Art

17 August 2010 by 3

Hello All – We’ve had a lot of good stuff come into the store this month. Some highlights include:
  • 4 matching unpainted divided light casement windows
  • A very cool enameled steel kitchen sink with 2 drainboards on a metal base cabinet
  • Another 5 ft clawfoot tub. We now have 4 in stock!
  • Shop made remilled doug fir stair tread / shelving stock
  • Lots of plywood – 3/8”, ½”, 5/8” and ¾”
  • 3 leaded stained glass windows
  • Lots of other goodies for your perusal!
  • Preston's Pick of the Week: Plywood
  • Janet's pick: old stirling silver spoons
  • Gudrun's pick: Summer Cocktail Glasses
[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Casement Windows"][/caption] Third Thursday Third Thursday is upon us again and we’ve got a great show this month. Jenny Lovold (Ida Done That) will be showing recent works in Salvage Works’ front room. We’ll have drinks and snacks, so come on down to Kenton this Thursday from 5 till 8. what’s stopping you?

This is what Jenny says about her work: I was initially trained in advertising, so my work explores the relationship between the promise of consumerism and the reality of consumption. Plastic items, glossy photos and smiling figures are all complicit in the subtle manipulation we perform on our most helpless citizens. I turn discarded objects of our country's halcyon days (or, if you prefer: fruit salad days) into something relevant to a new generation of consumer who is obliged to consider the product chain in its entirety instead of just a glossy image. I strive to reconcile a world too tasty and amusing to really exist and the plastic filled waste land that does through beautiful humor. All of my pieces are salvaged memories distorted and made modern. You can see more of Jenny’s work at