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Fundraiser for our Teri - Sat 4/30 6:30 PM

27 April 2016 by Rachel Browning

Everyone who comes to Salvage Works encounters our Retail Manager, Teri Petersen. She's the cheerful, helpful person who helps you find your wood, rings you up, gives you advice on how to build your project. Her husband Bob has recently been diagnosed with ALS. The bills are rolling in and they need our help.  Come on down on to Salvage Works on Saturday 4/30 at 6:30 PM, drop your $5 in the jar and enjoy the live music and taco bar. We'll have lots to drink for a few bucks and amazing donations to buy - a weekend at the coast, art, gift certificates... Family friendly and kids are free.  See you then!

Can't make it?  Give on the donation site. Thanks, y'all.