Salvage Works

Our lumberyard is full of reclaimed vintage lumber from deconstructed barns and houses, perfect for the project you have in mind. Everything from beautifully weathered barn siding to old growth rough cut Doug Fir lumber. In addition we carry a range of vintage treasures found inside barns like fruit crates, grain sacks and old farm implements. We never know what we’re going to find, and neither will you when you come visit us!

In addition to our full retail yard, we have a wood shop where our skilled craftsmen build beautiful furniture and fixtures for homes, restaurants and stores. Whether you’re looking for a dining table or forty of them for your new restaurant, we’ll take care of it.

Located in the historic North Portland neighborhood of Kenton, Salvage Works is the place to go. We collaborate with Solabee Flowers and Botanicals, who make everything we do more beautiful. Visit Solabee at their downtown location that they share with Boys Fort, another great Salvage Works collaborative partner.

2030 N. Willis Blvd.

Portland, OR 97217